International House Torres Vedras

International House aims to develop and foster links between various sectors of the local community and to that end, as well as teaching English to children, adults and businesspeople, we also have a Teachers’ Centre for local state school teachers. We give seminars aimed at different types of teachers (primary, middle and secondary school). These sessions are highly practical and provide participants with ready-to-use ideas and activities, as well as broadening their teaching knowledge and helping them to brush up their English. We offer sessions both at IH and in local state schools, whichever is more convenient for the participants.

A taster of some of the sessions on offer:

For Primary School Teachers

Read it Right!
Pairwork and Groupwork
The Cool Kid’s Toolkit: ‘Cardboard, paper, glue and crayons’

For Middle School Teachers:

Dealing with Mixed Ability
Our transatlantic Cousins
Clothes and Fashion

For Secondary School Teachers

Learner Autonomy and Learner training
Cultural Identity
Using the Computer Room: Adding Another String to your Bow

We are also a recognized centre for the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test), a University of Cambridge ESOL qualification for recently qualified teachers. This tests candidates’ knowledge of concepts related to language, language use and the background to and practice of language teaching and learning. We run courses to help teachers prepare for this test.

Finally, the Director of Studies is registered as a ‘formador’ by the Conselho Cientifico-Pedagógico da Formação Contínua and state school teachers wishing to follow the International House Torres Vedras course in Language Teaching Improvement can gain official credits.